Projectos em procurement

Item Ref. Nº Descrição do Assignment Instituição
1 C54-C6.6-I
Consultancy Service for Customization of Hydrographic Mercury Dispersion Simulation Software for DNM DNGM
2 G10-C6.5-I
Equipment for Environmental Monitoring DNGM
3 C53-A7-I
Evaluation of the development of mining deposits of tantalum and required facilities for its export DNGM
4 C38-A7-I
Review of Mining Contract Model DNGM
5 C37-A7-I
Review of Environmental Regulations applicable to Mining Sector DNGM
6 C6-A7-I 
Transaction Advisory Services for Mining & Related Infrastructure  DNGM
7 C80-A2.1 Transaction Advisory Services for Mining & Related Infrastructure (3 companies) DNGM
8 C47-A5.5-I
Upgrade of Mineral Information System and Library DNGM
9 C86-A5.1-I
Geological Mapping & Geochemical Surveying INAMI
10 C46-A5.3-I
Upgrade of Seismic Stations INAMI
11 C48-A5.1(IV)-I
Translation into Portuguese and Publication of the Explanation of the Geological Map of Mozambique DNGM
12 C50-A5.1(V)-I
Write a New Handbook on the Geology of Mozambique DNGM
13 C51-A.1 (VI)-I
Mapping and Inventory of Thermal and Mineral Water Occurrences in Selected Areas INAMI
14 G4-A5.6-I
Coreshed & Related Equipment DNGM
15 C11-C1.2-D
Legal Capacity Building for  MIREME Legal Advisers GJ
16 C39-C2.2-I
Development of Mining and Gas Inspectors Function and Guidelines IGREME
17 C40-C2.2-I
Development of Standard Procedures for Technical Safety Regulations IGREME
18 C57-C3.3-D
Training Services (Economy and Management of Solid Mineral Resources) DPD
19 C 55 - C3.3 - D Consultant Services to Support Data Collection & Statistics for DPD DPD
20 C12-C3.1-D
Technical Assistance/Capacity Building of the Planning & Economics Directorate (Resident Advisor) DPD
21 C72 – C2.2 (CQS) Training on Risk (health, safety and environment)  Prevention on Solid Minerals Extractive Industry IGREME
22 G8 – C2.3 Equipment to general inspectorate & provincial offices IGREME
23 G18 – V – I Camping Equipment and Material  DNGM
24 G26 – C1.1 Equipment for Kimberley Process IGREME
25 G31 – V - I Furniture for IGREME and MIREME PUM
26 G32 - V IT Equipment  for MIREME and ITIE PMU
27 G33 – C4.3 – I Archive Software for MIREME DNGM
28 G35 – C4.3 – I Promotional material for Geology Museum MUSEUM
29 G36 – C2.3 - I Acquisition of  20 A/C Equipment for IGREME IGREME
30 W1 – C4.3 – I Rehabilitation of  DNGM Building DNGM
31 W2 – C4.3 – I Transformation of DNGM Laboratory to Archive/Library DNGM
32 C1 –A1.1 – I Update Cadastral Procedures and Technical Assistance to provincial cadaster offices  INAMI
33 C49-A5.6 – I Support to Geoscience and Environmental Laboratories INAMI
34 C70 – C3.2 – D Institution of High Authority for the Extractive Industry Legal
35 C71 – C2.4 –I Guidelines and Procedures Manual for Auditing Mining Inspectors IGREME
36 C85 – C5 – D Development of fiscal risk assessment and management in extractive industry projects IGREME
37 C61-B1.1 Gas Transportation Feasibility Study CMG
38 C67 – B3.4 – I Development and implementation of ENH Logistics Business Strategy and Plan, Operating Model, Business Processes and Organizational Structure ENH
39 G22-B3.3 – I Petrophysical interpretation Software ENH
40 G23-B3.3 – I Well test analysis Software ENH
41 G24-B3.3 - I Integrated Production Modelling software ENH
42 C66-B3.3 – I Reservoir and Production Support to ENH ENH
43 C91-B3.3(iii) – I ENH-LNG Marketing Advisory – 2nd Contract ENH
44 G6- B2.2-I IT Infra-Structure for INP INP
45 C68 – B1.1 – I Study for Natural Gas Pricing INP
46 B2.4 Assistance to LNG Transaction (Fase VI) INP
47 C93 – B4 - I LNG Financial Advisor Services for INP INP
48 C94 – B4 - I LNG Commercial Advisor Services for INP INP
49 C95 – B4 - I LNG Legal Advisor Services for INP INP
50 C92-C5 Financial supervision, Auditing Account for petroleum and Gas INP
51 C45-C6.7 Review of Gender Policy and implementation Strategy for MMAS MMAS
52 C17-D3.1 Review and Operation Contingency Plan for Oil Spill (IPIECA) INAMAR
53 C42-D3 Development of Environment Guidelines for Oil Activities (Onshore and Offshore) MICOA
54 C63 – B1.1 - I Evaluation of Cabo Delgado, Domestic and Regional Demand and use prioritization of Natural Gas in Mozambique MoEF
55 C64 – B1.1 – I Evaluation of Demand of Natural Gas in Cabo Delgado MoEF
56 C65 – D1.1 – I Design of Local Content Policy MoEF
57 C77 – C7.1 – D Consultant Services to Prepare the Framework of MEITI E - report MEITI
58 C78 – C7.1 – D Consultant Services of Institutionalization of the MEITI MEITI
59 C79 – D2.1 - D Strengthening the Capacity of Civil Society in the MEIT MEITI
60 C90 – C7.1 – D  7th EITI Report  MEITI