Projectos a decorrer

Item Ref. Nº Descrição do Assignment Instituição
1 C14-C6.1 (QCBS) Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment (SESA) DNGM
2 G15-V-I (NCB) Motorbikes & Bikes for DNM, DNG and IG DNGM
3 C4-A5.1-I Supervision of Geoscientific Infrastructure Development Programme DNGM
4 G27 – C4.3 (NCB) Acquisition of two lifts for DNG Building  DNGM
5 G29 – C4.3              Field  Vehicle  for Geology Museum   MUSEUM
6 C75 – C4-3 – I (IC) Assessment and Supervision of DNG Building Rehabilitation DNGM
7 C3-A3.2-I ASM Development Program Strategy DNGM
8 C52-A3.1(V)-I (IC) Drafting of legislation on the use and utilization of radioactive minerals and minerals with radioactive elements DNGM
9 C60-A2-I (QCBS) Coal Price Benchmark    DNGM
10 G28 – (Shopping) IT equipment (DNG and PIU) PIU/DNGM
11 C5–A6-I (QCBS Review of EMEM Mandate on Mining Concessions and Institutional Review and Reengineering EMEM
12 C81 – C2.2 (CQS) Environmental inspection, audit and supervision in mining and petroleum activities IGREME
18 C41-C1 Technical Review and Capacity Building to IPEME IPEME